Erik Ash

Month: February, 2013

Ghazals of the Wintertime: II

I am lost in the fox’s fur,
bleeding from the white spikes, and shivering.

Amidst the snarling beasts and curs,
I hear only the light chime of your laugh. And I’m shivering.

Cast down from blistering heights
into the cold, empty void; shivering.

As I grasp at the flesh of life,
your eyes shimmer against the stars. And I’m shivering.

Phantom rocks silently float,
fallen prey to a crystal sickness, shivering.

Under the stare of forlorn ghosts,
your bold light flies. And I’m shivering.


Ghazals of the Winter. I.

At night I lie awake, whispering somber cries
Nightmares of anguish; from your memory I cannot hide.

Only in dreams do I love, alas my fate.
Longing and longing; from your shadow I cannot hide.

What shadows have you had? What knaves?
I swirl in sickness; from this disease I cannot hide.

The brutal cold gnaws at my hands, warmth shall never be mine
Your smiles have forsaken me, from emptiness I cannot hide.

I shiver and whisper in the bitter grind.
Aching with forlorn dreams, from your touch I cannot hide.

It is over. The fires have seized me.
May the winds carry my spirit to your side. From your dream I cannot hide.